Cataphoretic coating treatment or E-coating

We coat metallic components (iron, galvanised iron, steel, zamak, aluminium and its special alloys) with dimensions height 2000 mm, length 1200 mm and width 1000 mm, automatic line, PLC controlled, the production phases include degreasing, washing, phosphating, passivation, aluminium conversion, painting by immersion, ultrafiltered washing, spray rinsing, oven polymerization.


Powder coating treatment with quick colour change

Dimensions of components to be coated are height 2200, mm width 1000 mm, PLC-controlled coating line allowing programming of coating cycles, featuring a component reading system that detects the dimension of the part to be coated by the automatic robots equipped with with new generation digital spray guns allowing for maximum accuracy of very small variations of air regulation and powder flow, obtaining a uniform coating over the whole part.