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How we work

Lead with Confidence

As stated, our production is renowned for its high standards. We always check carefully every element, component leaving the production line prior to dispatch it to our client, a system supported by continuous and detailed laboratory tests. In our working credo, we do not take shortcuts, as we believe in hard  work only and we are always looking into new investments to be up to date with the latest technologies.

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Custom-made fixtures and tooling

Quality and efficiency guaranteed

At Rotostatic S.R.L., the quality in producing our fixtures and tooling is instrumental for us. We have mastered the routines, and have developed our own in-house tools to help us manage the flow properly and efficiently. We design and create our frames internally and this helps us work fast and safely.


Rotostatic S.R.L. has been operating for over 40 years supplying various industrial sectors, including, but not limited to: automotive, hydraulic, mechanical, by applying our experience to individual issues, peculiarities and specific needs of each component to be treated.

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